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Sunshine Little Chef’s

Sunshine Little Chef’s

Sunshine Little Chef's

Our aim at Sunshine is to help guide your child towards sound food habits which will to help them maintain a healthy weight and good health in the long term.

Our menus are designed in conjunction with nutritionists to include nutrient-dense meals created with only the freshest ingredients, specifically selected for growing bodies. They also take into account the cultural backgrounds and special dietary requirements and needs of all the children attending the centre.

Everything we serve is prepared on site, each day!

  • Each of our centres employs a nutritionally-trained to prepare fresh hot and cold meals throughout the day.
  • Our menus are planed on week system with a different meal organised in.
  • These menus are evaluated frequently by our cook, staff and parents to ensure that all meals provided are appropriate and enjoyed by all the children.
  • Healthy snacks are provided and refreshments are readily available to children throughout the day.

We also integrate food education into our other learning activities, such as showing the kids how to grow and eat their own vegetables. These hands-on nutrition activities help children develop healthy eating habits and can complement other learning, for example math, science, language, social development, cooperation, and respect for culture.

Teaching children to eat wisely and moderately is an investment in the future, and establishing healthy eating habits in the early years is not only important, but can also be fun.

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