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Welcome to Sunshine Childcare

Shaping The Children's Future

Your child will receive the highest quality care and education at Sunshine Childcare Centre.

About Us

Our Centre provide high-quality learning and childcare for ages 6 weeks to 12 years, right where you live, right where you work. We are your local child care centre, where your child can be nurtured and cared for throughout the whole day. Here, we focus on learning, growth and development, helping prepare children for their transition to school.

The Professional at our child care centres become part of your extended family, putting your child’s social and psychological development at the heart of everything we do. Our learning environments are enriching spaces that encourage children to learn and connect with their community. Our educational programming is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and emergent curriculum play-based learning. We nurture, love and educate your children providing you peace of mind while you work.


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Qualified Teachers

We strive to work together to build and maintain trusting and respectful relationships with both children and families.

Professionals 90%
Qualified 100%
Artist 97%
Saranya Venkadapathy
Saranya Venkadapathy
Saranya Venkadapathy
Director of Operations & Educational Leader
Tylah Cadden
Tylah Cadden
Tylah Cadden
Assistant Director
Kristy Lee
Kristy Lee
Kristy Lee
OSHC Coordinator/ Senior Diploma Qualified Educator

Our activities

Skills That Children Will Learn
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • General Ability

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141 Safety Bay Road
Shoalwater WA 6169